Cavan Institute Drama Students present ‘Entertwangled’

A cinematic theme to examine the most basic of human needs, that of relationships, is the focus of the end of year performance by the drama students on the Performing Arts Theatre course at Cavan Institute.
Entitled Entertwangled’ this year’s performance will open on

Monday 11 April
Tuesday 12th April
Gonzo Theatre, Main Street, Cavan
Doors open at 8pm Admission €5

“With the aide of some clever dialogue along with a good helping of comic timing, Entertwangle will endeavour to Entertain as it weaves a web of journeys with colourful characters as they intertwangle through their own little world’s,” according to Peter O Hanlon, Drama Tutor at Cavan Institute.

The production seeks to entertain as well as showcase the talents of the students. With two performances already to their credit, this production, with its cast of 17 drama students, has presented many challenges for this group of thespians.

“Finding a balance for a show with such a large cast can be difficult but the collection of vignettes that have been woven into this show certainly have tapped into the strengths of each cast member. It is said that we all get our ten minutes of fame and this year’s group can once more boast real talent which will be self-evident when the curtain goes up in the Gonzo. Already many of the cast have received bursaries to continue their studies abroad and at home and this production will showcase their talent,” says O Hanlon.

The Performing Arts Theatre class of 2011 is made up of Lisa Boylan, Ryan Brady, Siobhan Collins, Joseph Clinton, Brian Dooley, Niamh Cooney, Kitty Dowling, Eileen Dunne, Patrick Fox, Matt Harte, Leah Heaslip, Amy Jackson, Lucy Lewis, Hayden Mason, Keith Russell, Dorieann O’Reilly and Ryan Smith.

Cavan Institute is one of the largest colleges of Further Education in the country with over 1600 full-time students. The Performing Arts – Theatre course is a one year full-time FETAC Level 5 course. The course prepares students for further study and auditions. Graduates of the course usually progress on to study Drama and Theatre related subjects at degree level.