About The Gonzo Theatre Company


Established in 2009 by Cavan playwright Philip Doherty, The Gonzo Theatre is a company that embodies Irish modernity, is blistering with relevance, and pinpoints and surfs the zeitgeist with every production. Capturing the Irish psyche and presenting cutting edge theatre which reflects who we are, where we are, and echoes where we have come from, The Gonzo is a company committed to presenting productions which are equally modern, hilarious, acerbic,  challenging and moving. Since its foundation, the award winning theatre company has produced over twenty plays in sites as diverse as prisons, pubs, parks and barber-shops, as well as radical re-interpretations of classic stories at theatres and festivals nationwide.  

About Philip Doherty

Two-time winner of the RTE PJ O'Connor Radio drama Award, Philip Doherty  a native of Cavan Town, holds an MA in Drama and Theatre Studies from NUI Galway where he developed his writing and honed his unique voice. Philip is a theatre hacker, pushing boundaries and agitating the establishment with his innovative, political, fast paced and razor-sharp writing, creative staging and production. Ambitious, challenging and risk-taking, Philip delivers theatre with an anarchic flair that - however boundary pushing - is utterly relevant. Having written and staged over 20 plays, Philip returns to the Dublin Fringe after his sell out run in 2012 with The Birthday Man, his most ambitious play to date, exploring themes of identity, politics, the Irish psyche, aging and temporality, all wrapped in a whirlwind of time travel and hilarity.