ROBERT BLAKE + A Smile Just Came - Friday 22nd October

ROBERT SARAZIN BLAKE “Modern day troubadour ”

It has been said, that he is one of the finest entertainers of the modern folk movement to come out of America. What sets Blake apart from other songwriters is his ability to approach familiar strains with his speed strumming guitar style, wry humour, and superior narrative sense and sensibility. Blake has carved out a niche and an audience all on his own, full of punks, hippies, col...lege students, country music fans, tree sitters, high schools and their parents. Blake is bringing the folk song to a new place and to a newer, younger audience since 1997. And after 1O years on, he is only getting better. Don’t miss out on this guy. Folk like these, well, you only come across by sheer chance, a few times in a lifetime.

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"A SMILE JUST CAME are a 3-piece from Cavan comprised of brothers:
Lee, Michael and Ferdia O'Brien.
Their music can best be described as uplifting!
Embracing folk, indie, and reggae culminating on the borders of alternative rock,
with a dash of electronica thrown in for good measure!
Their live shows swing from the quietest whisper to infectious foot stomping crescendos.
What is most evident from their shows is their strong lyrical perspective that, everything is about perspective!
And in these worrying times, a message of hope and positivity is very welcome...."