AUDREY RYAN + Ciarán O'Neill: Friday 5th November

Since releasing her debut record, “Passing Thru”, in 2004 Audrey’s been on the road touring both solo and with a band. She’s just finished her second full length record “Dishes & Pills” which will be released by Folkwit Records in the UK this fall. Her music started out in the jazz/pop vein and has evolved into an eclectic form of singer-songwriter indie rock of some alien breed using backwards loops, finger pianos, and other un...ique instrumentation. Overall this music blends together her early influences of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan with contemporaries such as Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Dungen, Wilco, Steroelab, and Arcade Fire. She performs nationally and internationally and reside on the east coast.

“Ryan’s inventive songwriting, which adds surreal sounds and multifarious instrumentation to a solid folk-rock core, keeps all 14 tracks sounding mostly fresh and original. The wildly diverse instrumentation peppers each song with new trinkets of spacey and intriguing sound that dangles like fish bait around the listener’s ear. Her highly personal lyrics are also absorbing. Although most of the songs have a lighthearted feel, the words are often cynical and self-deprecating, addressing topics that range from cancer to dead-end relationships to pills, marijuana and booze. Some of the songs are heavier than others, both lyrically and musically, but the imaginative spirit never wanes” -The Wire

“Ryan is like Joni Mitchell and Radiohead playing some kind of hybrid jazz music that- and this is why her stuff is so good – just doesnt exist anywhere else.” -Leo Weekly (Louisville, KY)